A sexual health expert’s review of Nourish Your V

As a female-bodied person in my early 30’s, I haven’t thought much about vaginal dryness or moisturizing my vulva. Although vaginal dryness is completely normal and can happen for a variety of reasons,  the only time I really thought about moisturizing my vulva was post-shaving.  In general, I had been using non-toxic lotions or pure aloe vera gel to moisturize and while they worked okay, I was intrigued by the healing properties of Nourish Your V and the positive reviews I had read online.

So what is Nourish your V?

It’s a moisturizing oil from Arôms Natur Skincare. It’s lightweight, vegan, and contains no toxic chemicals, vulvar allergens or fake dyes/fragrances which means it’s not going to irritate you or give you an infection. While this product is marketed and toward people with vulvas this oil can also be used on testicles or in the general pubic region (such as in the creases between your thighs and crotch).

The oil itself is very lightweight and absorbs quickly

It smells faintly of chamomile which I find soothing, but doesn’t linger if you’re not a fan of herbal scents. The directions suggest applying 1 to 2 times daily, but I found once a day after I shower to be plenty. If you are buying this product predominantly for vaginal dryness from hormonal shifts, aging, or medical treatment, 2 times might be more effective.

I was able to notice a difference from the first application. 

I rubbed this oil into my skin immediately after shaving and it prevented any razor burn from occurring. What I love about it as an after-shave is that it doesn’t sting when applying and it absorbs quickly. My skin feels as though it’s actually being nourished rather than just having lotion sit in a thick layer on top of my skin. Although I love pure aloe vera gel, it does tend to dry sticky which can be uncomfortable and can leave residue on certain fabrics. Since this oil penetrates the skin, I didn’t notice any issues of the oil staining my underwear or leaving any marks on my clothes.

My skin feels significantly more hydrated

Within a couple of days of daily use, I noticed my skin felt significantly more hydrated and the stubble from my pubic hair was softer. I hadn’t really thought of myself as needing moisture on my skin, but this oil has left it so smooth, it literally feels like velvet to the touch. I read online that this oil can be used on beard hair or on pubic hair to help soften the follicles. I can’t speak to the beard part, but I can’t say I noticed a significant difference when growing my pubic hair out. Although my stubble was initially softer, the oil had no impact to my hair beyond that point. That being said, it did continue to moisturize my skin, so this product can be effective and hydrating regardless of how you choose to groom your pubic region.

This moisturizer also saved me when I had some unexpected spotting between menstrual cycles

Since I wasn’t prepared, I was forced to use the thick and absorbent tampons that come out of my office’s bathroom machines. While I will use pads or tampons in a pinch, they’re not my go-to products because I find that they dry me out and aggravate my skin, particularly if I’ve been shaving. My skin had become very dry and irritated by the time I finally got home and it was a relief to have this product on hand to alleviate some of that pain. The effects of the oil were nearly immediate, both soothing discomfort and moisturizing my skin.

Not so much difference with odor, post-exercise

I’ve read some reviews of people that found the scent to assist with “deodorizing” or “neutralizing” vaginal odors, including post-exercise. I tried applying the product after exercising and did not notice a difference. If I am exercising vigorously enough to be worried about smelling bad, I would personally just shower afterwards, so I cannot necessarily see the appeal of using a oil in lieu of a shower to neutralize any odors. I also didn’t notice any differences in how I smelled during or after sex and since the chamomile in the oil is so faint, I can’t imagine it actually neutralizing any odors. I don’t think this is a bad thing; as long you’re bathing normally, your vagina doesn’t need to be deodorized. In fact, the narrative around vaginas being “smelly” or “dirty” actual comes from a history of sexist and toxic advertising that has been repeatedly discounted by medical professionals. That being said, if you ever notice a change in smell or have a genuinely believe that your vagina “smells bad” you should bring that up with your doctor as it may be a sign of infection.

No residue – yay!

Finally, while it is an oil, I didn’t notice it staining or leaving any residue on my underwear post-application the way I’ve seen in other types of oils and creams. The oil absorbs quickly so it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or sticky, meaning you can use it during the day or before bed without having to worry that the product will be too heavy. The manufacturer does warn people to be cautious to allow enough time for the product to fully absorb to avoid the oil staining clothing. For me, it completely absorbs within 10 minutes, so I just finish brushing my teeth and cleaning my face before getting dressed and have had no issues.

This product is best for people who
  • Are looking for a hydrating, non-toxic “after shave” product
  • Are managing vaginal dryness from hormonal changes (menopause, aging, hormone replacement therapy, taking hormonal birth control, etc)
  • Are managing vaginal dryness post-procedure (such as chemotherapy, post-hysterectomy, or vaginoplasty)
  • Have sensitivities to dyes or fragrances
This product is probably less impactful for who
  • Do not have a need or desire to moisturize their vulvas or pubic region
  • Are looking for a “deodorizing” oil
  • Are not comfortable touching their vulvas of pubic region

About the author

Vanessa Torres, MA

Vanessa Torres M.A. is a sexual health expert whose passions include harm-reduction and individual agency. Her work has been featured in Critical Public Health and the Journal of Homosexuality.

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