How to guide: picking your first sex toy

Thanks to online markets, getting a sex toy has never been more discreet or easy. However, it can be overwhelming with the huge variety available, especially if you’re new to the world of sex toys. Here are our 6 tips to help guide you when deciding on your first vibrator:

1. Consider a Toy with Many Options

If you’re a true novice at masturbating or are still learning about what your body finds pleasurable, it might be worth investing in a vibrator that has many features. Look for toys that come with various speeds for their vibrations and can be used externally as well and internally. This variety gives you the opportunity to explore clitoral and internal (“g-spot”) orgasms as well as various intensities to find what best meets your personal needs.

2. Choose Safe Materials

Anytime you put something on or inside your body, you’ll want to make sure it’s of the highest quality materials. This not only extends the life of your device but it also prevents infections. We’d recommend using toys made with 100% medical grade silicone.

Unfortunately, most toys on the market are not made with 100% body-safe materials and often use vague language when disclosing their materials (e.g. ‘silicone’). Lucky for you, we’ve prescreened thousands of toys and have a variety of options for you to choose from.

Medical grade silicone is the easiest to clean as it is durable and non-porous (no small holes prevents collection of dirt or bacteria). It’s hypoallergenic and therefore safe for those with latex or vinyl allergies and does not contain phthalates, sulfates or parabens. Additionally, silicone toys are soft, comfortable and slowly adjust to body temperature, giving it a more natural feeling of sexual contact than other types of materials.

3. Consider a Toy that Can be Used with a Partner

For those with partners, you might consider looking for a toy that can be used solo but also as a pair. Most sex toys can easily be brought into the bedroom with some communication; however, there are designs that can be perceived as less intrusive or intimidating. The Eva II is a great option for people that want the flexibility of incorporating sex toys into their relationship. It’s quiet and can be positioned in advance to prevent interrupting a sex session, making it perfect for integrating into your sex life.

4. Keep it Clean

Sex toys should be cleaned after every use. In general, you can just use mild soap and water or a silicone-safe wash. Silicone toys can be safely boiled for a deep clean (just make sure to remove any motorized components!) In a pinch, a condom can be used over your toy to make clean up quicker.

5. Use the Correct Lubrication

Buying a good lubricant not only enhances sex but can make it safer (less friction leads to less microscopic tears on sensitive body parts, such as labia). When it comes to sex toys in particular, water-based lubricant is your best bet. Other types of lubricants (e.g. oil-based or silicone-based) can wear down silicone toys, making them prone to harboring bacteria. Water-based lubricants are water soluble meaning it’s easier to wash from your body and won’t stain your sheets!

With these tips in mind, you should go enjoy some self-pleasure toy shopping!

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