An expert’s take on why you should consider crystal sex toys

According to New York-based psychic intuitive reader Anna Toonk, it can feel weird to consider using a crystal rock as a tool for sexual pleasure –it is quite different from the market’s current focus on battery-operated sex toys. However, “if you’re trying to connect with your body in a more intimate way, crystals can provide that,” she says. For someone who has never used a crystal sex toy before, Toonk believes these objects can slow down the process of receiving pleasure and allow you to connect more with yourself, your body and the toy.

Crystals are thought to hold healing properties, which can allow sexual energy to flow more freely since the path to pleasure is slower and more considered. When using a crystal sex toy, Toonk believes,

“You have to be more present, in your body, your breath, your experience and that can let you just feel pleasure in a different way versus just pursuing an orgasm. The physical sensations of using a crystal make you really slow down and connect to feel their energy.”

This contrasts with more popular battery-operated devices, which are often used to help individuals climax more quickly. Toonk suggests that as we continue to breakdown stigma surrounding sexuality, and focus on healing shame associated with sexual taboos, we are creating more spaces and openness for sexual pleasure tools that are effective and gentle like crystal sex toys. Beyond this, “crystals won’t heal or fix trauma but for some…working through trauma crystal sex toys are a way to feel empowered in the pursuit of rewriting your relationship with pleasure,” she affirms. They can support someone in reclaiming their sexuality.

While crystals can be used alone and with partners, Toonk recommends only using them with others when you have already established a sense of trust and intimacy as these objects are special. “I would treat them as an extension of any sacred tool being mindful of who you let interact with them,” she says.

When it comes to selecting a crystal sex toy, Chakrubs, which are 100% safe crystal dildo sex toys, have been leading the way. Toonk says this is because “they highlight their intentions, quality control and energetic intentions towards their products and education.” Yoni eggs are another crystal sext toy worth considering. “If you have a vagina, a yoni egg is a great way to get used to being more aware of your vagina and its workings in a way that feels safe and supportive versus busting out a mirror and having a meet and greet,” claims Toonk.

Based in New York, Anna Toonk is a psychic intuitive reader who has been practicing for five years. She reads tarot and The Akashic Records as well as offers reiki and intuitive channeled guidance sessions.

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