#FemaleFounder spotlight with Andrea Barrica, ceo of O.School

In honor of sex education month, we sat down with Andrea Barrica, the CEO & Founder of O.school, a resource on the web for all things sexuality – a non-judgmental friend you could tell anything about sex or dating. Andrea was inspired to start the company when she saw a lack of sex education platforms that allowed people to freely discuss and learn about sex. Now O.school allows people to watch on-demand and livestream with sex educators for free!

Andrea connected with The Bloomi because she loved Rebecca’s story of empowering women to be in charge of their own bodies through healthy, body-safe product ingredients. The synergies between both The Bloomi and O.school are breaking down taboos in sexual health and sex education to allow people to feel educated about their bodies and all things sex.

Check out more about Andrea and O.school below.

What made you interested in starting a sexual wellness company?

O.school is what I needed when I was 18, growing up and getting more shame than support about my own sexuality. While I was working as a venture capital investor, I was shocked that there is nothing between Planned Parenthood (basic medical information) and PornHub (sensationalized, unrealistic content) out there on the internet. I wanted to create a safe space in the middle for the billions of people who need it – so they can live their happiest, most pleasurable lives.

What would you say is the biggest problem in sexual health in the US?

People don’t know how to talk about sex – or their feelings or desires. We don’t teach people to advocate for what they want or need, which contributes to epidemic rates of teen pregnancy, STIs, sexual assault, and millions of people being unable to fully express themselves 

What has been your biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as a founder of a sexual wellness company?

Learning to communicate about sexual wellness to the mainstream public is always a challenge. We’re truly building something new; when you do that, you have to educate people on the big vision of you’re trying to do just as they’re discovering your product.

What is the most common sex question you get asked?

Some variation of: Am I weird? Is something wrong with me? Is it okay that I like X?

What advice do you have for women who want to have a more positive association with their sexuality and sex lives?

Sex isn’t just about sex. It’s about getting to know yourself, advocating for what you want. Gaining self-confidence and self-understanding can help you with your sex life and vice-versa. When I figured out more about my sexuality, every aspect of my life got better. Also, just start playing again. That, too, unlocks creativity and confidence in other parts of your life.

What do you like to do for fun when you are not working?

I love making succulent gardens and making green juice.


1) What advice would you give your 22 yr old self?

There’s no rush, take your time.

2) What talent or passion have you been able to use in an unexpected way?

I have a degree in linguistics, and everything I’ve ever done has been about translating between communities.

3) What is your guilty pleasure?

Ordering multiple desserts

4) What is your favorite curse word?

5) What is the one thing you can’t leave home without?

Headphones – I’m a big music person.

6) What would you do if you won the lottery?
Start angel investing.

7) What is your favorite food?


8) What is your happy place?


9) What do you wish you could do more of?


10) What do you wish you could do less of?

Replaying old mistakes

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