Erogenous zones as sensitive as Drake #inmyfeelings

We are all about sex positivity and helping you increase pleasure in your sex life. So let’s go over some erogenous zones that will have you in your feelings.

They are areas of increased sensitivity and are often stimulated during sex to enhance pleasure and intimacy. For women, extended contact with their erogenous zones can enhance the frequency and intensity of orgasm.

Some places are obvious, such as the clitoris, but others can be more subtle like earlobes or armpits. While everyone’s body and preferences are unique, research tells us that there are 5 parts of the body that are typically sensitive for women: Breasts & nipples, lips, the neck, ears, and buttocks.[1]

1. Breasts & nipples

Sexual contact with breasts and nipples can be so erotic that some women report being able to achieve orgasm simply from having their nipples stimulated. Intensity can vary with each person, so start slow. Some people prefer just gentle rubbing or sucking while others might find greater pleasure in nibbling or squeezing. Try experimenting during masturbation or with a partner to see what feels best to you.

2. Lips

There’s a reason that so many sexual encounters start with making out. Lips are incredibly sensitive areas and kissing is both pleasurable and emotionally intimate. In fact, kissing is such a bonding experience, that many couples therapists assign it as homework to promote bonding or to assist in healing trauma.

3. Neck

Necks are especially sensitive to light touching such as kissing, blowing or nibbling. In fact, the nerves in the neck are so sensitive, that some studies report that stimulating necks in women with spinal cord injuries allow them to feel sexual pleasure and even orgasm.[2]

4. Ears

Like necks, ears have a lot of nerve endings and can feel good being lightly touched, sucked or kissed.

5. Buttocks

From grabbing, spanking or just affectionately spooning, contact with butts can be extremely erotic. Take advantage of rear-entry sex (such as doggy-style) to maximize contact and pressure on your butt.

While these areas are generally erogenous, different bodies experience sexual pleasure at different capacities. Try experimenting with different speeds and intensity to find what you truly enjoy. Remember to be verbal with your partner to provide guidance on what feels good.


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Vanessa Torres M.A. is a sexual health expert whose passions include harm-reduction and individual agency. Her work has been featured in Critical Public Health and the Journal of Homosexuality.

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