How-to guide: using & cleaning your period underwear

Have you heard of underwear designed for your period? Are you considering making the switch to period underwear? Or have you already made the switch and want to make sure you’re washing them correctly? Then this guide is for you.

With the popularity of period underwear on the rise, you have several options to choose from and each brand will have their unique leakage protection promise.


Why We Pick Lunapads

At the Bloomi, we love Lunapads underwear because they are gentle and body-safe, with no mystery additives, fragrance, or adhesives. They are made with soft cotton spandex jersey and a hidden leak-poof polyurethane laminate. The outer layer is made with certified organic cotton (our favorite). And yes, they work fabulously. Period underwear are designed for full day protection due to their high absorbency layers, but Lunapads offers the added option of using an Insert you can swap out for those heavier days –yes, please! The underwear alone can absorb the same amount as one pad or tampon. When you use an Insert, it’s equivalent to 2 pads or tampons.


Using Period Underwear

Step 1

We recommend starting off with at least 2 sets of underwear to make alternating easy. You’ll thank us later for minimizing your laundry duties too. In a perfect world, you’ll have one for each day of your menstrual phase.

Step 2

On days when you need extra protection, you’ll take your Insert and feed it through each side. If you want to change the insert when you are on the go, use a waterproof personal care bag to temporary store these until you can rinse them at home. Also, a few pH balanced wipes may come in handy.

Washing Period Underwear

Unlike your regular undies, period underwear should get some special treatment.

  1. When you remove them, rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear.
  2. Place used underwear in a washable mesh bag and wash cold with the delicate cycle setting. Use a small amount of natural laundry detergent. To help sanitize and control odor, you can use a few drops of tea tree oil or vinegar with water in your fabric softener container.
  3. Hang dry to help maintain elasticity and quality of the fabric. Once fully dry, store away until next time!

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