How-to guide: an intro to using yoni eggs

Yoni eggs are a sensual tool that women have used to improve their holistic sexual health for centuries. Since ancient times these practices were used for improving physical and spiritual health of a woman. When used regularly, crystal yoni eggs are shown to help enhance vaginal health, tone pelvic floor muscles and bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime. To read more about this ancient Taoist practice, see our additional articles and work by Dr. Rachel Abrams in The Multi-Orgasmic Woman.

The Bloomi is excited to offer various holistic options for sexual health, including yoni eggs. However, we encourage you to know ‘best practices’ in order to safely use them. As an intro, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Drilled vs. undrilled

Many eggs come pre-drilled with a small hole to insert thread that allows for easier removal (similar to removing a tampon). This is a great option for women new to yoni eggs. For advanced yoni users, the drilled eggs can also be tied and used together for added weight (one internal, one external, or both internal). Follow steps 1 through 4 in the image to tie your string if you are using a drilled yoni egg. Remember threads should be routinely changed as they are porous and can harbor bacteria.

Image by Charkrubs

How to insert yoni egg

Before inserting your egg, it’s helpful to empty your bladder and make sure you won’t have any distractions for a few minutes (e.g. your phone is on silent, the kids are asleep). Start by taking a few deep breaths or spending a few minutes turning yourself on. The relaxed state and natural lubrication makes it easier to enjoy the yoni egg and exercises. While lying down (your knees up and feet on the bed), slowly insert the egg into your vagina with the widest end up –it should feel like inserting a smooth tampon with no applicator.

Kegel exercises:

Kegel exercises are the most well-known pelvic floor exercises women use to help strengthen their vaginal muscles. They have been shown to enhance orgasm, rebuild pelvic strength post-partum, and assist with incontinence [1]. Crystal yoni eggs can assist by providing weight to the training and bring added benefits associated with that particular crystal (see Rose QuartzJade & Clear Quartz).

Once your yoni egg is inserted, sit up slowly and then stand up. Next, contract your pelvic muscles around the egg. This clenching is similar to the muscle contractions you make when you’re trying to hold in urine. Clench the yoni egg for 10 seconds and then release 10 seconds. Do 3 reps (1 minute total) for 5 to 15 minutes. For an added benefit, you can also rock or roll your hips with motions at a slow pace that feel good to you while you clench and release.

Other exercises

Crystal yoni eggs are known to promote energy throughout the body, remove blockages and awaken sexual energy. Whether you are looking to increase sensitivity, reduce PMS symptoms or help recover from sexual traumas, yoni eggs can be used with a variety of exercises that can help. Here are four exercises recommended by Chakrubs, a thought leader in crystal sex toys:

SQUATS – With your feet wider than hip-width apart, bend your knees and squat down as if you were sitting in a chair. Try to get your thighs parallel with the floor. Engage abdominal muscles and try to keep the spine and torso long and reaching. Make sure your knees don’t shoot past your toes, and that the knees are in line with the second toe. Stand up to return to starting position. Repeat. Do two to three sets of 12 repetitions.

BRIDGE – Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Have your feet hip width apart, and ankles aligned with knees in a 90 degree angle. Inhale, engage your pelvic floor muscles and lift your hips. Hold up for 10 seconds while keeping your breath consistent, then lower your hips, exhale and release your pelvic floor muscles.

LEG LIFT – Lie on your back with your legs straight and together, tuck your hands under your rear to engage your lower back with the floor. Raise your legs slowly off the floor until they form a right angle with your hips. Hold, and then slowly lower your legs to the floor. Repeat, keeping speed slow and consistent. Do two to three sets of 10 repetitions.

PLANK – Start in a push-up position with your shoulders directly over your wrists. Keep the arms straight, and keep your neck in line with your spine – creating a straight line from your heals to the crown of your head. Push your heels back to straighten your legs and keep the hips from sagging. Engage your abdominal muscles and hold plank pose anywhere between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Note: Avoid wearing a yoni egg for extended periods of time (exercises listed above are meant to be 15 minute or less). You should avoid wearing one while having sex or menstruating.

Image by Chakrubs

Removing your yoni egg

For drilled eggs simply pull the string as you would a tampon. Undrilled eggs can be removed by squatting and “pushing” the egg out or by squatting and using your fingers to pull the egg out. Don’t panic if you’re having a difficult time! Vaginas are closed systems and the egg can’t get lost inside of you. If you’re having a hard time, take a few deep breaths to relax before squatting and attempting to remove the yoni egg again.

Cleaning your yoni egg

As with sex toys, yoni eggs should be washed after each use to reduce the risk of infection. Wash a yoni egg with a mild soap and water and pat dry with a clean towel before using. Some experts also recommend soaking your yoni egg for 20 minutes with a few drop of tea tree and lavender oils (known for their antibacterial properties). If you have a drilled egg, make sure to clean the hole thoroughly. If you’re having difficulty, a toothpick can assist.

Many women enjoy the sacredness of using a yoni egg over other pelvic muscle tools. In addition to the natural beauty and healing properties of crystals, the yoni eggs are fairly simple to use.

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Note: This is not medical advice and we recommend you speak to your clinician if you have any questions. If you have an IUD or are pregnant, consult with your doctor for information before using a yoni egg. 

1 Pelvic Floor Muscle Training to Manage Overactive Bladder and Urinary Incontinence. Angelini & Kimberly, Nursing for Women’s Health, Volume 21, Issue 1, 51–57


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