The two sex books every woman should read

Women should read sex books. Making time to read them will help you better understand yourself and help you to build fulfilling intimate relationships.  When you are in tune with your body and sexuality, it will lead to increased pleasure, confidence and improved sexual communication in your relationships. We recommend a variety of sexuality books and recognize the positive impact they can each have, however, these two books should be part of every woman’s sexual education. They are the go-to guides we recommend for all friends, hands down.

The Multi-Orgasmic Woman: Sexual Secrets Every Woman Should Know

This book is a guide to help women dramatically enhance their pleasure, health, and happiness. Two experts, Chia, a renowned Taoist master, and Dr. Abrams, a family practice physician who specializes in women’s health and sexuality, partner together in this book to share a more holistic view of the linkage between energy and sexual energy. They share detailed step-by-step exercises you can use to grow their sexual energy in a way that enriches your overall health and body. If you are looking for a book that walks you through techniques for cultivating pleasure, having multiple orgasms and living a more fulfilling sensual life, this book is for you.


The Sex and Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex For Everyone

If you are looking for a great guide to look up answers to your sex questions, we highly recommend this book for you.  Sexologist Carol Queen, PhD and Shar Rednour, Editor at Femmrepress teamed up to demystify sex and offer detailed, fun and accurate information on just about any sex topic. You’d be surprised how many times you will use this book to look up common women’s health and sexuality topics: anatomy refresh, tips for positive sexuality, STI 101 symptoms, and treatments, self-pleasure topics, sexual position information, sexual communication help, guides for conducting your own breast exams or sex toy information. This book is a great investment for yourself and your sexual health.

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