Your 2018 sex life will thank you if you do these 4 things

In the spirit of helping women feel sexually empowered, here are four expert tips that will enhance your sex life immediately.

1) Reduce Unnecessary Exposure to Toxic Products on Your Vulva

Have you realized how much your vulva skin goes through every month? Women wash it, shave it, wax it, cover it up with tight clothes –not to mention all the liquids it can come into contact with: water, blood, semen or lubes. Be conscious of the number of items touching this area of the body and eliminate exposure to toxic ingredients or fragrance.  Look up ingredients you don’t recognize or use an app like: ThinkDirty to find out more about questionable ingredients in your intimate care products.

2) Wash with Water or a Mild, Fragrance-Free Cleanser ONLY

Using water to wash your vulva area is perfectly fine. However, many women like to use a cleanser to help remove additional odor or sweat.  Making sure you’re using the correct intimate wash for your vulva is crucial for preventing unwanted infections or pH imbalance [1].

  • ‘Fragrance’ is one of the worst ingredients you can use on your vulva area. The average fragrance contains 14 chemicals that are not disclosed on the label and 80% of these are not tested for human safety. [2] This can lead to irritation or allergic reactions.
  • Stay away from body washes as they contain sulfates, harsh detergents that are used to create bubbles but can also irritate and damage your vulva skin.
  • Most body washes –and unfortunately some feminine washes –also contain glycerin (glycerol), an alcohol that has been found to damage vaginal and rectal cells.
  • Lastly, ensuring that you are using a mild cleanser (check out Healthy Hoo Hoo) that is pH balanced correctly (approx 5.0) will prevent disruption in your natural flora


3) Do Your Kegels –Consistently!

The pelvic floor muscles play an important role in sexual satisfaction, core stability and bladder control. Kegels are targeted exercises that train these muscles and allow you to develop strength. When done consistently (just like you would train any other muscles in the body with consistent exercise), kegels increase sensation and bloodflow in the vagina, can increase your desire and help you experience stronger and longer-lasting orgasms. All you need is 5 minutes a day for good toning results! Try the award-winning Elvie Trainer to get your kegels done with an convenient app reminder and fun mobile game.

4) Follow Trusted Sources of Sex Health Communities

Whether you are looking for a new wash, sex toy, or pads, the Bloomi is making it easy for women to find healthy, trusted options for all their intimate care needs. We provide researched-based sexual wellness information and our online shop features the healthiest products on the market. Products are only selected if they meet strict criteria, including 1) are made with recognizable ingredients, 2) contain no toxic ingredients or endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) and 3) are pH balanced correctly. 

[1] Stewart, E. (2002) The V Book.



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